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学术沙龙 | A Vision of the Grid of the Future

学术沙龙 | A Vision of the Grid of the Future清华能源互联网研究院沙龙(2018年总第十三期)

报告时间:2018年3月27日 下午2:00~2:30
报告主题:A Vision of the Grid of the Future

Dr. Rob Stephen is the Presidentof CIGRE. He holds both MSc, MBA degrees as well as a PhD in overhead line design. He joined Eskom in 1980. He is currently the Master Specialist in the Technology Group in Eskom and is responsible for distribution and transmission technologies of all voltages and was responsible for the smart grid strategy for Eskom. He is past chairman of Cigre SC B2 on overhead lines, and has held positions in Cigre of Special reporter and working group chairman. He was recently elected International President of Cigre in 2016. He is also a Fellow of the SAIEE and was elected Honorary Vice Presidentin 2005. He received the SAIEE President’s award in 2016.

A Vision of the Grid of the Future

Dr Stephen (President CIGRE), will present on the opportunities for university research and involvement in the Future Grid. He will also present on the structure and work of CIGRE, the international community for power delivery expertise. This will include the trends currently under way in the evolution of the power grid as well as a vision of the grid of the future. There are ten focus areas identified by CIGRE as critical to the design and operation of the future grid. This will be explained in some detail. Research and development opportunities are discussed in each area.